Welcome to Marion County, Florida!

ocala-resourcesIn the heart of North Central Florida, with its striking landscape dotted by natural springs, rolling hills and farms, it offers the best of many worlds. At the center is Ocala, historically named Brick City with the designation of ” Horse Capital of the World”. Labelled a city, Ocala also has a wonderful small town feel thriving in it brick building lined downtown streets and oak canopies sheltering local neighborhoods. It is the quintessential combination of urban vs rural, offering many cultural opportunities, arts venues and boundless inspiration as well as unlimited outdoor activities from horseback riding to fishing, golfing, kayaking, boating and hiking with many other sports.

Moving Can Be Difficult

Moving to a new town and many times a new state qualifies as one of life’s stressful events. Moving is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. Add to it the start of a new job, leaving behind friends or family, changing schools, retirement and meeting new people, and you can understand why it ranks among life’s top 10 stressors.

Relax, you’re prepared

Being prepared and educating oneself is the best advice I can give. I have witnessed on any occasions, sellers putting their house up for sale in one location with a reduced sense of urgency, in anticipation that the process will take a long time. And voila! In today’s era of record low interest rates, their current house sale occurs much much faster than anticipated and they must close and vacate in 30 -45 days. This type of scenario will increase your stress load exponentially if you have not planned a strategy for handling it. You will have way too much to do in too short a time span. The key to avoiding this scenario? Do your homework, research and planning prior to listing your house for sale.

Respect the Process

ocala-historic-homeConsider the following question. Are you ready? The three most important words for sellers to seriously contemplate when thinking about selling their home in order to buy a new home in a new locale. RESPECT is the acronym I have chosen to assist you on your journey. Respect for the process and all parties in it will give you invaluable insight to navigating a successful path.

R Relevant research specific to your desired markets.

E Expectations – reasonable and earnest.

S Sensible mentality – check your emotions and understand all the steps to the achievement of your goals.

P Preparedness and plan-plan-plan. A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish.

E Education on markets, pricing, area data, moving and interim housing costs, and process knowledge.

C Commitment, collaboration and communication with all professionals in your process.

T Timely decision making. Be prompt with decisions upon completing your research and planning.

Your Ocala REALTOR®

By enlisting a trusted and respected local real estate advisor prior to making any determined decisions will help you assess your options. The right consultant will be more than happy to help you in the beginning of your process to look at local market trends, give you local resources to compare the cost of living, insurance, taxes, etc.. and assist you when you come in for a visit to the area. Visiting the area one to two times is strongly recommended prior to making one’s decision to relocate. This gives you more assurance that you will be able to find your “happy place,” once you decide to relocate.

Contact me, Debra Mager at SELLSTATE by phone or email any day to discuss how to begin your journey. I am glad to provide the necessary information and contacts you will need to make informed decisions.